Highfields Youth Inspiring Futures

We have a 30-year track record in delivering high quality youth interventions and we host a range of indoor and outdoor Youth Activities for children and young people aged 8-19 years old. 

Our youth sessions consist of a variety of different activities such as: 

Pool, Table Tennis, Music, filming & Photography 

Sports- Football, Basketball, Dodgeball and Badminton.

We often arrange and host disco roller skating as well as plan regular outdoor trips to the cinema, Theatre, theme parks, beach days and fun weekend residentials so young people can participate in meaningful activities as well as build young people’s confidence and self- esteem by meeting new people and encountering positive relationships by accessing our services. We provide young people the opportunities to volunteer with us and access training and education in an informal setting to enhance their mindsets

Our Youth development sessions further give young people to access AIG (Advice, Information & Guidance) which focuses on giving support to individuals who struggle with achieving whilst they are in education or have barriers to employment. Our youth workers support young people with the aim to build and develop them through engaging them on to our different programmes whether it be the young person having an interest in music, filming, or sports. The youth team will use a young person’s specific interest to engage them initially and then identify any gaps in their development and support them to reach their full potential during their time here with us.

We offer support to families/parents who are struggling or who have had a relationship breakdown with their child. We build trust with young people so they can voice their concerns and give them the opportunity to have a say on issues and decisions that affect them. 

Our Youth sessions focus on supporting young people which enable them to learn new skills, have a closer connection to their surroundings and the community as well as stay safe and get the best outcomes in life.

Our Current Youth Sessions run: 

Tuesday 4-6pm 

Friday 6-9pm

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