Blog – Youth Residential at PGL Liddington (October 2022)

Our work with young people is all about focusing on young people’s character development. Last year, we took 12 young people (8 young men aged 14-18 years and 4 young women aged 13-19 years on a 3-day residential to PGL Adventures in Liddington, Wiltshire.

As well as the physical health benefits, our youth residential trips have proven to have a positive effect on children and young people’s self-esteem and confidence levels, thereby improving their emotional health and wellbeing.  We encouraged our young people to explore their newer and greener environment, take responsibility for creating their own beds and practice good housekeeping and hygiene, and generally teach them how they can sustain themselves with minimal adult interventions to promote independence and be more aware of themselves and their abilities.

The 3-day residential trip further helped young people relax, take part in physical activities such as zip wire, raft building, team building activities, giant swing, buggy building and climbing the Jacob’s Ladder. 

Young people had the opportunity to take stock to make their own decisions and discover who they are by facing such tasks and challenges when undertaking these outdoor activities by themselves or working as part of a team.

Our youth residential trips offer a unique opportunity for local young people from Highfields to gain their independence, make their own decisions and build new friendships. 

Undoubtedly, our youth residential trips has brought about positive, long-term change to young people and our youth workers, both in and out of  a conventional youth club setting. Young people and youth workers work together and overcome physical and emotional challenges in outdoor spaces and connecting with greenery and river activities. This has helped with building positive relationships, supporting and encouraging each other to overcome their fears.

This residential trip increased young people’s confidence, communication and team building skills. It provided them with an opportunity to overcome obstacles; build resilience and gain first-hand leadership skills. These key skills will help them in the future, and allow them to use these to overcome real life situations and adversities.

Young people chose specific activities that were physically challenging which required a methodical approach, as well as working together within a group to successfully complete each activity. Everyone needed to focus and make conscious decisions to push personal boundaries by overcoming their fears and having a real desire to succeed. Young People supported each other and identified leaders within the group to make important decisions regarding the weekend’s programme. They also took part in two workshops, the first one was on knowing their rights for stop and search with the police and the other workshop was identifying why youth club settings add value to their lives and how to shape future services according to young people’s current needs. Overall, it was a thoroughly productive weekend and thanks to all our participants for making it so!

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