Revitalising Leicester’s Garment Industry: A Path Forward

Revitalising Leicester’s Garment Industry: A Path Forward


In the bustling heart of the UK, Leicester’s garment industry, once a beacon of thriving commerce, faces a pivotal moment. Recent challenges have brought to light a need for change and revitalisation.

The Shifting Landscape

The exodus of major fashion brands from Leicester has marked a turning point. Driven by concerns over working conditions and negative media focus, this shift has left a void, resulting in diminished work opportunities and economic strain.

The Impact

  1. Job Losses: The departure of brands has led to a sharp decline in work, causing widespread job losses and economic challenges for many local families.
  2. Economic Ripple Effects: The downturn in the garment industry impacts not just the workers but also the local businesses and suppliers, contributing to a broader economic challenge.

A Call for Revitalisation

This situation presents an urgent need for action:

  1. Attracting New Business: Proactive efforts are needed to attract new brands and businesses, highlighting Leicester’s potential for high-quality, ethical garment production.
  2. Investing in Skills: Upskilling the workforce is crucial to position Leicester as a hub for ethical and skilled manufacturing.

FAB-L’s Advocacy

FAB-L stands as a critical advocate in this revitalisation effort. Key initiatives include:

  1. Improving Working Conditions: Championing Leicester as a model for ethical practices to attract conscientious brands.
  2. Community Engagement: Garnering local support to create a unified appeal for bringing businesses back to Leicester.
  3. Policy Influence: Collaborating with policymakers to create incentives for brands to operate in Leicester.


The need to rebuild Leicester’s garment industry is clear. It’s an opportunity to foster a more ethical, sustainable future. FAB-L is dedicated to leading this transformation, ensuring that Leicester reclaims its place as a proud and ethical centre of UK manufacturing.

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